Fundraising and Grant Writing for Playgrounds

To Learn More about How to Write Grants


How to Write a Grant Proposal The Basics – From Summary to Budget an
article by Joanne Fritz

The Foundation Center offers free webinars for beginners and fee based classes
for more extensive learning.

KaBOOM’s Toolkit provides good information about writing grants for playgrounds.

For Federal Grants, the National Institute for Health and Human Services put out
Tip Sheets.


Grant Sources for Schools, Playgrounds, and Outdoor Classrooms–Listing of different grant sources for K-12 schools–Listing of different grant sources for teachers

Playworld Systems–Listing of fundraising ideas and grant sources by state

Lowes–Provides funding for schools to build an Outdoor Classroom

Captain Planet Foundation–Provides funding for projects that focus on
environmental education and include students in the planning.

KaBOOM-Often provides challenge grants for community build playgrounds

International Playground Contractor’s Association’s Grant List–A great list of grant sources.



Rules of the Playground–A list of grant sources


Disability Funders Network The web site of a national membership organization that focuses on inclusion of disability in grantmaking programs and that seeks equality and rights for disabled individuals and communities. The Resources section of the web site includes an extensive listing of links on employment, accessibility, advocacy, and funding.



The Disability Resources Monthly (DRM) Guide to Disability Resources on
the Internet
  A nonprofit network staffed by volunteers, Disability Resources
provides an extensive online guide to resources, including disability-related funding
opportunities for nonprofits, browsable by funder type.



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