accessibleplayground.netLet Kid’s Play is thrilled to offer, the website and home for everything about accessible playgrounds.  Here you will be able to:

  • Search for playgrounds in our directory
  • Educate yourself about accessible play
  • Read amazing stories of how others built their playground
  • Find resources on all aspects of designing and building a playground in your
    community, going beyond ADA
  • See pictures of recommended playgrounds in our Featured Playground area
  • Locate just the right vendors to help you design and build your playground



KaBOOM!A non-profit whose vision is a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America.  To meet the vision Kaboom helps to build great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities.

Peaceful Playgrounds-The purpose of the Peaceful Playground Program is to introduce children and school staff to the many choices of activities available on playgrounds and field areas.  You can find many extremely helpful articles and research on their site about recess and the benefits of play.

Playgroundology–PlayGroundology scours the web for all things bright, beautiful and
occasionally tarnished about the world of playgrounds. Design, art, civic engagement,
history, equipment old and new, photography, advocacy groups, bloggers and oddities are
topics that will be featured.

PlayGrounding–Alex’s Smith’s website that shows interesting playgrounds and equipment.  Playgrounding – noun – the act of swinging, sliding, spinning, climbing, monkey-barring, running, jumping, falling, bruising, making friends, pushing limits, discovering abilities – a solid grounding in the art of play.

National Program for Playground Safety–NPPS has developed the largest and most comprehensive clearinghouse of outdoor play areas safety information and resources in the United States

United States Access Board–A federal agency committed to accessible design.  The
Access Board provides ADA guidelines for recreational facilities including playgrounds.

NRPA–NRPA is the leading advocacy organization dedicated to the advancement of public parks and recreation opportunities.


Play Scapes–A blog written and edited by Paige Johnson.  She started the blog: “Because it’s difficult to find non-commercial playground information. And I find that frustrating.  Because a playground doesn’t have to cost a million bucks and come in a box. In fact, it’s better if it doesn’t.  Because playgrounds are under-recognized as an artistic medium.  Because everybody loves a playground.”


The Play and Playground News CenterPublished every Tuesday, the News Center lists the most recent articles about play and playgrounds.


The Play & Playground Encyclopedia–The Ultimate History of Play and Playgrounds.  Designed to cover a broad range of topics, this encyclopedia offers valuable information about organizations, companies, and people who have contributed to the play and playground industries.


Playground, Park and Recreation Equipment Manufacturer DirectoryThe PGP Manufacturers Directory is a comprehensive website of manufacturer links for park and recreation equipment. The PGP Manufacturers Directory is a division of the PGP Network of Media Services.

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